Kayaking Hoveton (Wroxham) to Horning

Launched Hoveton Village (Wroxham) then downstream on River Bure to Horning. Unfortunately Black Horse Broad (Hoveton Little Broad) closed to navigation on 31 Oct.

Explored several dykes around Horning (north bank), though most are just small boats in front of holiday homes and when it starts to get really nice (and remote) you get blocked by a fallen tree.

A surprising number of motorised margarine tubs – mostly private as well as several hire day boats.
A lot of fishermen from boats with multiple lines and big floats (in some cases blocking a lot of the river.


Horning Dykes (and marinas)

Launched from Wroxham Village (River Bure)

Distance = 12.0 miles
Av speed (underway) = 3.83 mph
Elapsed time = 3:11 hrs

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