Kayaking Neatishead to Rivers Bure & Ant Confluence

Launched at Neatishead Staithe, headed into Barton Broad, onto River Ant, past Irstead (The Shoals), past Ludham Bridge and to River Ant confluence with River Bure, then back.

A lot of motorised margarine tubs and watching them one could only think “God I hope they don’t drive cars as well” (knowing full well they almost certainly do). For some, speed limits are irrelevant, following up the bum of next boat seems fine, overtaking on blind bends, why not?

Launched from Neatishead Staithe

Distance = 12.7 miles
Av speed (underway) = 4.16 mph

Norfolk Broads and rivers kayaked on Norfolk Broads Kayaking Maps

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