Kayaking River Ant (Mostly) Upstream Of Barton Broad

Launched from Cox’s Boatyard (Barton Turf) and headed upstream on River Ant. Took North Walsham & Dilham Canal as far as possible (until blocked by a deliberate looking log square across canal and close to width of canal!). Then on to Dilham exploring a dyke to the south of the River Ant.

On return to Barton Broad, continued south across the Broad and back onto the River And down as far as Irstead Staithe.

Surprisingly few cruisers under way given the fine weather. A few pike fishermen out.

Launched from Cox’s Boatyard (Barton Broad)

Distance = 12.9 miles
Av speed (underway) = 3.81 mph (bit slower exploring Canal and dykes)
Elapsed time = 3:27 hrs

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