River Chet (and Yare)

Hardley Cross

Launched at Loddon (easy’ish), then downstream past Hardley Flood, down to River Yare, then upstream past Cantley to Langley Dyke.

Upstream of Hardley Flood, no significant current but, past Hardley Flood 3 hrs before low water and reasonable ebb flowing. Several outflows from Hardley Flood which are no problem but are a bit stronger than they look. At confluence of Rivers Chet & Yare is Hartley Cross, the point marking the historic boundary between the Cities of Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

2hrs before low water on River Yare and there was a fair ebb flowing. Not enough to cause problems but slows you down. But by 1 hr before LW ebb current had virtually gone.

River Chet is great, loads of wildlife (beautiful dragon flies everywhere), quiet (hardly any boats, I only passed 3 underway on the Chet). All quite a contrast to the River Yare which is quite bleak in comparison, busy (margarine tubs with motors everywhere) and not much wildlife.

Hardley Mill with Cantley Sugar Factory In Background

Launched from Loddon (River Chet)

Distance = 14.5 miles
Av speed (underway) = 4.32 mph

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